Josh & Kat

When combining Jo(sh) and Ka(t) you get JoKa! We are a couple of jokers that love to have fun and travel!

As I was traveling for a show I was working on, I found myself in search of the best local ice cream in every city we visited. Everyone said, "you should start a blog!" Well friends, here we are. 

We work in the entertainment industry which never takes a break. Therefore, we have to plan and find time to have fun. 

We often only have a few days here and there while traveling or try to maximize a trip by visiting multiple cities or countries. We start early and pack as much as we can in a day!

This blog is intended to keep track of our travels and help those who say, "Where did you go when you went to ______?" Everything is right here, friends.

Hope you find our travels as exciting as we do! Please feel free to comment, repost, tweet, pin. 


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