Ice Cream Review: Island Cream Company - Maui, Hawaii


Location: 305 Keawe St #511, Lahaina, HI 96761

I'm not sure Island Cream Company just tastes better because it's in Hawaii (everything is better in Hawaii) or if it's their original recipe with the perfect mix of gelato and ice cream.

Maui Island Cream Company - Ice Cream Cone

Located in the corner of a strip mall, this place exceeded my expectations. 

Maui Island Cream Company - Lahaina Gateway Center

All ice creams are hand made as well as their cones, fudge and other fun toppings. Most ice creams are natural and products are bought locally.

Maui Island Cream Company - Flavors


Bikini conscious? That's ok, try Island Cream Co's fat free sorbet! No fat and no dairy! 

Maui Island Cream Company Menu

Also, Hawaii is known for their shaved ice, Island Cream Co has their own Glacier Ice Station where you can make the perfect shave ice treat. 

Maui Island Cream Company - Shave Ice Experience

So many fun flavors such as Maui French Toast, Hilo-Hot Chocolate, Hana Caramel Popcorn and Chocolate Orange.

Maui Island Cream Company - Flavor

My favorite was the Maui-Loco filled with Macadamia nuts, chocolate chips and caramel in a creamery coconut ice cream base. So refreshing and delicious!

Maui Island Cream Company - Ice Cream Cone

Josh had to try the peanut butter of course! The Peanut Butter Pie is to die for! 

Maui Island Cream Company - Ice Cream Sundae

If you're in Maui, be sure to stay cool and visit Island Cream Co!