Coconut Glen's Ice Cream - Maui, Hawaii

Coconut Glen's Ice Cream

Maui, Hawaii

Hana Hwy, Haiku, HI 96708

Along the Road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii, there is an amazing little ice cream stop, called Coconut Glen's. Check out our full post on the Road to Hana: Click Here. They serve organic, vegan, dairy free ice cream, using coconuts from the jungles of Maui. At first, I was skeptical... Vegan? That's not real ice CREAM. 

Coconut Glen's Ice Cream Maui - Wandering Jokas Ice Cream Blog

Since I like coconut, I figured, why not let's see what it's all about. The flavors were all written on a chalkboard and changed regularly. I tried most of them before I made my selection, and all of them tasted like real ice cream. The consistency was nice and not like a sorbet, which I thought it was could to taste like.

Flavors of the day

Flavors of the day

I went with the coffee toffee and banana rum raisin, they were delicious! Josh had the vanilla bean and chocolate chocolate. Classics.

Ice Cream at Coconut Glen's - Wandering Jokas Ice Cream Blog
YUM! Coconut Glen's Ice Cream - Wandering jokas Travel and Ice Cream Blog

We hit the gong and it was time to drive back to Lahaina. 

Ice Cream Gong - Coconut Glen's Maui - Wandering Jokas Ice Cream Blog

Great place! Don't miss out! Make sure you check the operating hours before heading over!

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Coconut Glen's Organic Homemade Ice Cream - Road to Hana, Maui, Hawaii - Wandering Jokas Travel & Ice Cream Blog


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