Malibu Wine Safari

Malibu Wine Safari

Location: Malibu Wines | Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, 32111 Mulholland Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265

Hidden in the hills of Malibu are miraculous creatures that you wouldn't expect to run into, especially while wine tasting! 

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For my best friend's birthday, we decided to go on a safari, a wine safari that is! After all it IS her birthday, we thought, wine not! Haha. The price of the ticket was $65 but we had a special deal. The jeeps held about 9 people so it was perfect for our group of 8. 

Wine Safari - Wandering Jokas Travel Blog

Malibu Wine Safaris is part of Malibu Wines and just up the street in a parking lot on the right. We checked in and were picked up in a jeep and ventured through the 1,000 acre Saddle Rock Ranch.


The safari started with the animals. You can get so close to most of them, the animals included zebras, camels, alpacas, bison, and even Stanley the Giraffe!

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Our guide was awesome, letting us take tons of pictures and get up close and personal with the animals. We fed some of them carrots and boy did were they excited to see us! An alpaca smelled my hair and I touched a Zebra, I couldn't believe it.


Wine Safari - Wandering Jokas Travel Blog

We tried their 6 different wines in 2 locations across the ranch and even galavanted through the vineyard.

My favorites were the Sauvignon Blanc and the Sangiovese, Alexander Valley. At the second location there was a cheese pairing along with the wine and they had a really good gouda. 

The grounds were gorgeous and had many different setups for weddings and events. If I hadn't already planned my wedding at the time, it could have been a candidate!

Afterwards, we celebrated my friends birthday and enjoyed more wine at Malibu Wines where they have a lovely outdoor area with picnic tables and tasting bars. On weekends, they even have live music! 

Wine Tasting at Malibu Wines

Wine Tasting at Malibu Wines


I went back in 2014 but would definitely do it again! 

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Malibu Wine Safari - Wandering Jokas Travel Blog