ICE CREAM REVIEW: Smitten Ice Cream - Los Angeles, CA


Locations: Across California


We are just one week away from National Ice Cream Day and still celebrating National Ice Cream Month! Have you been celebrating? See why you must visit Smitten Ice Cream, one of my new favorites! 

Smitten Ice Cream - best ice cream in los angeles

Smitten Ice Cream can be found all over California. I recently visited the El Segundo location after I went shopping and needed a snack!

Smitten Ice Cream El Segundo Location

Smitten ice cream is made with organic milk and cream... so it’s technically good for you! 😋 The cows producing said milk are living the good life in pasture-based family farms along Sonoma and Marin counties. They don't use any preservatives or artificial anything!

Smitten Ice Cream Menu - El Segundo Los Angeles

The chocolate chip cookie dough with pretzels is to die for! That perfect salty sweet combo! 🍓There is also a Strawberry buttermilk that is pretty superb, using strawberries from local SoCal farms! 


Smitten Ice Cream - Brrr Machine

Everything is made from scratch and made it right in front of you blending it with liquid nitrogen in their Brrr Machine! The Brrr machine is patented with double helical mixers and mega-smart software for the sweet smooth taste and texture.

Smitten Ice Cream Brrr Machine
Smitten Ice Cream - Brrr Machine

As I research all ice cream places, I'm so impressed by the founders stories and their ice cream passion.

Robyn Sue Fisher is my hero! Her ice cream dream literally started as she sold ice cream on the streets of San Francisco. She was disappointed in the artificial selections of ice cream and longed to create a smooth, creamy, fresh, natural solution. While attending Stanford, she took a 2 quarter Startup Garage class giving student the opportunity to pursue their entrepreneurial ideas. After a physics professor made ice cream in class, an idea sparked and to the drawing board she went! After several years, she perfected the Brrr Machine and took it to the streets of San Francisco in a red Radio Flyer wagon. She opened the doors to her first store in 2011 and her ninth store in 2017. 

I have so much respect for Robyn and her efforts of pursuing her ice cream dreams! 

Smitten Ice Cream Cone drawing

All cones are made in house too, wafting that irresistable smell around the radius of the shop!

Smitten Ice Cream - Cones and Cups

They also have the nicest people that work there! What a treat! I'm a fan and will definitely return. Let me know if you're going! I'll join you! :-)

Smitten Ice Cream