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After our trip to the museum of Ice Cream, I was hoping there would be some other event that had more ice cream! I came across this event on instagram and had to go! A dessert festival with ice cream ๐Ÿฆ vendors along with other sweets?! Sign me up!

Sweet Vibes Only - Dessert Goals - Wandering Jokas Travel & Ice Cream Blog

I attempted to buy tickets on pre-sale the day they were released but 2 mins after the tickets were released, they were gone! Luckily I got 4 tickets for us the day they were released which was about a month prior to the event. For $15 you were allowed to enter the festival for 1.5 hours, access the Instagram Photo Lounge, salt bar (free pop chips), free Dylan's Candy Bar candy, Boxed Water, and Cold Brew canned coffees. Desserts are available for purchase from each vendor with an average price point of $5. Vendors included:

  • Coolhaus (ice cream sandwiches)
  • AmazeBowls (smoothie bowls)
  • Milk Jar Cookies (cookies)
  • Honey & Butter (macarons)
  • The Pudding Truck (pudding)
  • Gotta Have S'more (S'more bites)
  • The Ring Ding Bar (ring dings - ho ho cakes)
  • Jae NYC Eats (cakes & tarties)
  • Le Bon Garรงon (caramels)
  • Gresecent (ice cream bouquets)
  • Teebsie (popsicles and natural candy)
  • Love Swirls (cotton candy)
  • Mallow & Hop (marshmallows)
  • Wild Bakes & Cakes (cupcakes & cake jars)
  • Broadway Baker (brownies + bars)
  • LA Donut (donut sundaes)
  • Les Madelines (kouign amann)
  • Dine & Design (chocolate covered Oreos)
  • Puesto (conchas & cream)
OMG Dessert Goals Welcome Sign - Wandering Jokas Travel and Ice Cream Blog

The event was held on the 11th floor of the Cooper Design Space Building. There were about 4 waves of tickets we had the 3p time and had an hour and a half of goodness. 

We got there around 2:30p and were 3rd in line. It gave us time to look at the map to see what we should try first. I thought it would be important to try all the ice cream options first, before filling up on other sweets. We started with a mini bouquet cone from Grescent Ice Cream. They had phenomenal flavors, Blackberry mint mojito, Strawberry Jam, vanilla bean, cookies and cream, sea salt chocolate granache, and my absolute favorite: grilled pineapple bourbon caramel.

Ice Cream Bouquet - Dessert Goals - Wandering Jokas Travel & Ice Cream Blog
Gresescent Ice Cream Bouquet - Dessert Goals - Wandering Jokas Travel & Ice Cream Blog

As we were walking to check out the donut situation, I was ecstatic to find a profiterole situation. Puesto provided conchas and cream profiteroles, I went for the sunset sugar crust with charcoal vanilla gelato rolled in fruity pebbles. I asked what charcoal vanilla was, but the answer was basically "it's vanilla." I liked the ice cream but was let down by the pastry which was a little too hard and not airy/fluffy.

Puesto Conchas & Cream - Dessert Goals - Wandering Jokas Travel & Ice Cream Blog

As I was purchasing the profiterol, twinkies, donuts, and ring dings were bought! Jae Eats had an excellent cookies and cream twinkie! The cake was moist and light. But I think the ring dings from The Rign Ding Bar were top notch. 

homemade twinkies Dessert Festival

By this point, we had indulged in sweet treats for about 40 mins and were getting rather full. As a group, we decided it was time to walk around and explore a little and had to figure out our last must haves. 

We took time to appreciate the decor and beautiful table setups as well:

Dessert Goals - Ice Cream Blog Post
OMG Dessert Goals - Wandering Jokas Travel & Ice Cream Blog
Pinata Petting Zoo - Wandering Jokas Travel and Ice Cream Blog

We love milk jar cookies, but litterally already had them that week!

Milk Jar Cookies - Dessert Goals - Wandering Jokas Travel & Ice Cream Blog

We bought some chocolate covered Oreo's from Dine and Design which were rich, delicious and expensive. 

Dessert Goals - Wandering Jokas Travel & Ice Cream Blog

How cute are these Macarons! The line was really long so we didn't end up buying one, but I have added Honey & Butter on my list of places we should go to!

Honey & Butter Macarons - Wandering Jokas Travel & Ice Cream Blog

We decided our last course would be a donut sundae from LA Donut. 

LA Donut Menu - Dessert Goals - Wandering Jokas Travel & Ice Cream Blog

I had to have the pink sprinkle donut and try the animal cracker ice cream! Josh and I split it so he wanted cookies and cream with Reese's peanut cups on top! Best part was the animal cracker ice cream - it was unique, original, and tasted just like the pink animal crackers! 

LA Donut Sundae - Dessert Goals - Wandering Jokas Travel & Ice Cream Blog

I appreciated others who also had on ice cream attire! Miraya, on the far right, was part of the mastermind that planned this awesome event!


And on our way out, we grabbed our free candy bags from Dylan's Candy Bar (unfortunately they were pretty much out of everything by that point).


We loved this SWEET event and were stuffed by the end. It was nice to have all different LA vendors in one room, I would definitely go again if it were to come back!

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