California Pizza Festival - Los Angeles

California Pizza Festival - Los Angeles

Location: LA Center Studios, Downtown LA - 450 S. Bixel Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017 United States

Website/Tickets: California Pizza Festival

When: July 28, 2018; 12-8pm

Today was the mark of the first-ever California Pizza Festival and it was delicious! 

California Pizza Festival - Pizza Balloons

Good pizza is sometimes hard to come by here in Los Angeles so thank goodness pizza was imported from Italy. Well, kinda! 

California Pizza Festival - Entrance


General admission tickets are $45 per person in advance and $60 per person on the day of the event. Children’s tickets available for $20/child between ages 4-10.

VIP tickets are $89/person and include exclusive access to the indoor-outdoor VIP space, a private bar, and three beverage vouchers. If you can use this voucher on beers, it might be worth it! Otherwise, there is another area right next to the VIP area that has chairs and a couple of bars setup.

California Pizza Festival - Pizza Direction Signs


With a ton of vendors, pizza was flowing like water in the Trevi fountain! Supplied with unlimited samplings from 30 pizzerias across the US including shops from California, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia. There were even vendors from Naples, Italy (they had the longest lines too)!

"Headliners include pizzaiolos from Naples’ Da Michaele, founded in 1870 and known for its feature in the movie Eat Pray Love; and Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba, the oldest pizzeria-tavern in Naples established in 1738." Source: Discover LA

Local pizzerias included:

  1. Prova Pizzeria (West Hollywood)
  2. Ray’s & Stark Bar @ LACMA (Los Angeles)
  3. 786 Degrees (Los Angeles)
  4.  Tony’s Pizza Napoletana (12-time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani)
  5. La Parolaccia Osteria (Italy)
  6. L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele (Naples, Italy)
  7. Baldoria (Los Angeles)
  8. Brooklyn Pizza Crew (Brooklyn)
  9. Dominic's Italian Restaurant (SoCal)
  10. Local Pizzaiolo (Atlanta)
  11. Angelina's Pizzeria Napoletana (SoCal)
  12. Upper Crust Pizzeria (Beverly Hills)
  13. LA Pizza Napoletana
  14. PizzaRev (Los Angeles)
  15. Pizza Crek (Los Angeles)
  16. Beverly Hills’ Da Pasquale (Beverly Hills)
  17. Humble Crust Pizza Truck (Los Angeles)
  18. Le 5 Stagioni (Italy)
California Pizza Festival - Pizza Booths

Pizza lovers can enjoy all kinds of pies including Neapolitan, Sicilian, New York, and several gluten-free and vegan options. There will be loads of entertainment, including live pizza-making demos from the United States Pizza Team, as well as a cookbook signing, demo, and meet-and-greet with Chef Tony Gemignani. Also, I read there would be acrobat shows from World Champion Pizza Acrobat Danilo Pagano (this is a thing?!). I missed that today. :(  DJ played music all day with tunes to dance to. A band played later singing some of the songs the DJ played earlier. At least they were on the same page.

California Pizza Festival - Pizza Vendor Booths

Each vendor had their own cute little oven behind their booth! The tiles were so pretty! Lines were long at times but moved quickly. The longest we waited was 10-15 minutes for the Italian pizzas. We were a group of 6 and would grab pizzas from shorter lines while we waited in longer lines.

California Pizza Festival - Pizza Ovens
California Pizza Festival - pizza slice
California Pizza Festival - Pizza Booths

Brooklyn Pizza Crew brought their A game today! SO Good! 

California Pizza Festival - Pizza Brooklyn
California Pizza Festival - Brooklyn Pizza

My seester loves pizza, her shirt says it all!

California Pizza Festival - I love Pizza!

Dominic's had some meat lovin' options!

California Pizza Festival - Meat Lovers Pizza
California Pizza Festival - Octopus Pizza and Potato Pizza

Baldoria offered the most unique pizzas including Baby Octopus and Yukon Gratin potato pizza!

California Pizza Festival - Baldoria Pizza
California Pizza Festival - Eat Pizza Make Love

LBK offered some awesome slices! Eat Pizza Make Love

California Pizza Festival - Angelina's Pizza
California Pizza Festival - Angelina's Pizzeria

Angelina's Diavola spicy pepperoni was spicy but could have used more cheese! 

California Pizza Festival - Ray's Stark bar at LACMA Fig Pizza

Ray's Stark Bar offered a few options, one being their infamous fig pizza. Best part was they had LOTS of cheese.

California Pizza Festival - Pizza Balloons

Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria showed off with their extra large pizza making skills! It took 3 people to carry this monstrosity into the festival!

California Pizza Festival - Big Mama's Pizza

The Pizza Experience

Like the Museum of Ice Cream, one of my favorites, The Pizza Experience is popping up soon with a slightly similar design except with PIZZA and it is coming soon!

Tickets are on sale for visits starting in October 2018 (until Feb 2019) and they displayed a small taste of what they would have in this "museum." Discount code for the pizza experience is 5DollarsOff - works for a limited time only!

Website: The Pizza Experience


We definitely needed to wash down our slices with a good brew. Golden Road was on point with their beer game, bringing Mango Cart and some Wolf Pup IPA! There were 2 locations to pickup some brews, their truck was colorful and cute penned off as a beer garden.

California Pizza Festival - Golden Road Brewery
California Pizza Festival - Golden Road Brewery

OF COURSE THERE WAS ICE CREAM! Would you think I would go somewhere they wouldn't serve ice cream? You're crazy. Moo Gelato showed up with their blue vespa with ice cream in tow! 

California Pizza Festival - Moo Gelato

I sampled a scoop of Hazelnut for $4, it was a little melted but still delicious! 

California Pizza Festival - Melty Moo Gelato

Kona Ice brought the shaved ice for everyone to cool off on this hot day!

California Pizza Festival - Kona Ice Truck

SUCH A GREAT DAY! We definitely ate $45 worth of pizza and covered all meals for the day! Hope the pizza festival comes back next year! We would definitely go again! 

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California Pizza Festival - You must try the LA Pizza Festival!
California Pizza Festival - You must try the LA Pizza Festival!