Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles

We went to my happy place, aka the Museum of Ice Cream, on April 30th, 2017. I loved everything about it since it was lathered in pink and involved ice cream and other sweet novelties. It's an Instagram haven, a social media dream, and a place to play in plastic sprinkles. Did you miss your chance on purchasing tickets? I'll give you the grand tour!


Last summer I saw the Museum of Ice Cream in New York and thought, "I MUST GO, would it be unreasonable to buy a plane ticket just for it?" I didn't end up going and I'm SO GLAD it came out here. I started seeing rumblings on Facebook and my dear friends from all over tagged me in the Museum of Ice Cream post is coming to LA. My next question was, "WHEN/HOW DO I GET TICKETS?!" Luckily, we are platinum American express card holders and I was able to purchase my tickets on presale for $29! I ended up purchasing tickets a month in advance and for the next month anytime someone tagged me in a Museum of Ice Cream post, I simply let them know they were not to worry, tickets were sold out, but I was all set. 


I sat with my sister the night before picking out the perfect outfit to represent my love and affection for ice cream, saying, "the shirt with popsicles, strawberries, or plain bubblegum pink?" The big decision was the ice cream backpack or my Kate Spade ice cream purse. I feel like I chose wisely. 

Now entering the Museum of Ice Cream!

Now entering the Museum of Ice Cream!

There was a long line outside, which went relatively fast since they would let 12 people in at a time. You have a guide for the first 2 rooms and then you are on your own. There is a guide in every room to give samples, information, and make sure people are flowing from room to room. The only thing was, once you enter a new room, you can't go back. 


We were given our first ice cream tasting of the day, and I was excited it was McConnell's ice cream. The flavor was earl gray and biscuit, it wasn't amazing and kinda disappointing.

Museum of Ice Cream McConnells

There were many rooms, here is a collection of those rooms to get the cool vibe:

Ven-ICE CREAM... I get it!

Ven-ICE CREAM... I get it!

Strawberry and Vine LA Ice Cream

The next room had banana wallpaper that was banana scented and cute swings!

Museum of Ice Cream Swing - Wandering Jokas Travel and Ice Cream Blog
This room is bananas.

This room is bananas.

Cone wall to match my backpack.

Cone wall to match my backpack.

Next up, the mint chip room, where they are growing - mint chip.

This room had a fun house mirror and an arcade game with sun block. Didn't seem ice cream enough to me but it had lots of PINK!

The Popsicle and Gummy Bear Room

Melting Popsicles

Melting Popsicles

I want a pink one!Β 

I want a pink one! 

Melting Everywhere

Melting Everywhere

My new friend!

My new friend!

In the Gummy Bear Room, there were giant gummy bears, and they give you a sample of gummies! They lady running the room had 3 fun trivia facts about Gummy Bears, and Josh knew the answers to all three questions! When was the Gummy Bear invented? Where? What flavor is the green gummy bear? 

If you press the button the lights along the walls of the room change colors rapidly.

If you press the button the lights along the walls of the room change colors rapidly.

life size Gummies!

life size Gummies!

Giant Gummy Bear - Museum of Ice Cream

Charcoal Ice Cream

Peruvian Artist Abel Bentin designed this room, expressing the corruption of the world. Pretty dark and depressing for an ice cream museum if you ask me. 

Black ice cream
black ice cream - Museum of Ice Cream

In this room, they served cones with charcoal cookie dough. It didn't taste very good. It was warm and the consistency was weird.



There was about a 10-minute wait for the sprinkle pool, which they let you in 8 at a time. Upon entering the room, you take off your shoes and put belongings into their lockers on the side. You then have about 3 minutes in the sprinkle pool. They are made of plastic and aren't actual sprinkles! 


Finally we made it to the last room where they serve ice cream sandwiches. Instead of cookies they used pancakes and put vanilla ice cream in between - I Scream for Breakfast. 


There was a gift shop at the end that had a few things, but nothing worth buying really. I was hoping for a spot to buy ice cream or a cone, but that didn't exist either. We took pictures of the merchandise instead.

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