Travel & Ice Cream Gifts

My favorite holiday is coming... CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE! Need something for that special someone, best friend, Aunt or Uncle? Well, who doesn't love ICE CREAM or TRAVELING?! Here are some great gift ideas for almost anyone on your list!


For $12 and under, these are the perfect "little something" gifts!


Passport Holder (Personalized) - Etsy $9 and up

I thought I would never use a passport holder that I didn't need it but it's great to put your passport, credits cards, and boarding pass - all in one place! I love that you can customize these! 

Gifts $25 and Under

The BEST scoop that money can buy!


Make ice cream instantly whenever you want and then eat straight from the bowl!


For the kids!

Gifts under $50

It's so easy! Just add your favorite ingredients and hit start! 


Make your sundae complete with a waffle cone! 


Travel Jewelry Case  - Etsy $38   Great space saver!

Gifts under $100

My favorite ice cream maker (out of 3) I own! Load up with sprinkles and have the perfect soft serve at home!



Travel Pro $150 - this is the best carry-on! with a built in garmet bag, it will compact and fit everything you need! Worth every penny!

Hope this helps your holiday shopping this season! Please share on social media and with friends! 


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