The Best Ice Cream in Los Angeles

My favorite question: Where can I find the best ice cream in Los Angeles? As an LA native I've tried so many, but new places pop up constantly! Check out my Top 5 picks of the best of the best!

Multiple Locations - my favorite: Brentwood Mart 225 26th Street, Suite 51, Santa Monica, CA 90402 

I fell in LOVE with Sweet Rose when they only had one location in Brentwood. They make everything in house, even their topping (try the homemade brittle cluster).

They had unique flavors as well - stout, lavender & honey, and mint chip that looked like chocolate chip, which they used the mint extract and it is so refreshing!

When asked which ones I wanted to try, I said ALL OF THEM. I tried as many as I could and settled for creating this amazing sundae. A creamy perfection, with whip cream that melts in your mouth, you can't go wrong with any of the flavors here.

Best Brunch Spots in LA

Peanut Butter French Toast with Ice Cream @ 26 Beach


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Best Brunch Spots in Los Angeles 

CAUTION: Both posts contain MORE ice cream in LA! :)

Salt and Straw

Multiple Locations - My favorite: 1357 Abbot Kinney Blvd.

Salt and Straw Venice

Salt and Straw has the most unique flavors of them all and I wTheir unique flavors have me come back every month to try them all. There is usually a line out the door and along the store front, but it moves rather quickly.

Favorite flavors: Chocolate gooey brownie, salted malted chocolate chip cookie dough, freckled woodblock chocolate. Try the weird ones too: Silencio Black Tea and Coconut Stracciatella is amazing!

Abbot Kinney Salt and Straw Venice
July Flavors Salt and Straw Venice

Locations: MILK BEVERLY 7290 Beverly Blvd. or MILK SILVERLAKE 1639 Silverlake Blvd.

If it has milk, they have it! Their cookie ice cream sandwiches are to die for, but you can get ice cream in a cone/cup, a float, malt, creamy shake, drumstick, ice cream bar, and from the bakeshop: cake (ice cream cake too), cookies, and pudding! Have I convinced you yet?

They change their flavors often and have everything from Mango to coffee toffee, something that will hit the spot for everyone! They have thought of everything and even have pints to go!

Location: 1209 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403

Yum! Don't let the "organic" turn you away from this place! They have so many great flavors: mint brownie, coffee toffee, bitchin hot chocolate, peanut butter fudge ripple, orange creamsicle, strawberry balsamic... Put them in a pretzel or waffle cone, between cookies, or make a milkshake!

I made my favorite combo hot chocolate and orange! I also love their retro 50's meets the beach vibe!

Even their catered events go along with the theme where pinup girls serve desserts!

Bitchin Hot Chocolate
Beachy Cream Ice Cream

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Multiple Locations - My favorite: Beverly Hills 9635 S Santa Monica Blvd.

Sprinkles Cupcakes and ice Cream beverly Hills

You guys! I'm obsessed with Sprinkles cupcakes and at their BH location (also known as the flagship location) you can make cupcake ice cream sandwiches!

First you pick either a cupcake or a cupcake and then you pick your ice cream and topping (optional). End result for us, cupcakes and ice cream, of course!

Every bite was like heaven! They were so rich and filling, I had to take it home, and then finished it as soon as I got home. I mean it was a 30 minute drive home. Oh and to top it all off, there is even a cupcake ATM right next to the entrance where you can order cupcakes to go! 


Sprinkles Ice Cream and Cupcakes Beverly Hills
Sprinkles Ice Cream Beverly Hills
Sprinkles Cupcakes and Ice Cream Beverly Hills

Where is your favorite place in LA? Leave a comment below!

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The Best Ice Cream in Los Angeles

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