10 Things to See in Hong Kong Disneyland

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First off, I LOVE DISNEY! I've been to the Disneyland in California hundreds of times. Literally. Josh and I have been to Disneyland (California), Walt Disney World, and Disneyland Paris, so when we were on our way to Thailand and had to make a stop in Hong Kong, we HAD to check out Hong Kong Disneyland, even if we didn't stay the whole day.

After having been to the other parks, here are the top 10 things you can't miss at Hong Kong Disneyland:

1. Main Street 

There were many comparisons to the California Disneyland. Main Street looked fairly similar with a few different buildings here and there.

Hong Kong Disneyland Main Street Opera House

Didn't find a Hall of Presidents here! They also served fish balls and watermelon juice at the food vendors. 


The Castle has a mountain behind it! 


2. Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland had some of the best rides: Hyperspace Mountain and the Iron Man Experience. 


Hyperspace Mountain was just like the Space Mountain in Disneyland, traveling through space with Star Wars music. 


There was even a parked X-Wing in the line queue. Pew Pew Pew!

3. The Iron Man Experience

The Iron Man Experience was basically Star Tours 3D Motion simulator with Iron Man instead. Initially Jarvis is taking you on a tour of Hong Kong however evil strikes where its up to you and Iron Man to save the city against the extraterrestrials! 

HongKongDisneyland-Iron Man Experience

4. Mystic Manor

Walking in I was expecting a classic Haunted Mansion ride - Haunted rooms stretching, doom buggies, Madame Leota, grim grinning ghosts coming out to socialize. This was NOT a Haunted Mansion ride. Due to differences in the Chinese culture they did not have references to ghosts or an afterlife situation. Instead we entered Lord Henry Mystic's manor to which he introduces himself and his pet monkey, Albert. His manor hosts a great collection treasures from around the world which all come to life after Albert opens a magical music box. 


This ride was charming and fun, complete with music composed by Danny Elfman. There were a few nods to the Haunted Mansion including a Medusa changing portrait, a conservatory, and busts that follow visitors as they move. There was even a tribal arts room that looked like the Tiki Room but they shot wind darts like Indiana Jones. I can't say enough how much I loved this ride! 

5. Toy Story Land


Only Disneyland Paris currently has a Toy Story Land but Walt Disney World will soon! The rides here are cute kiddie/carnival type rides. I loved how everything made you feel like you were a toy yourself and your surroundings are much bigger. We went on the RC Race Car ride which was similar to a swinging ship-pendulum-type ride. I love the popsicle stick bench with the stained colors! 

HongKongDisneyland-Toy Story Land Rex

6. It's A Small World

It's a Small World after all! Can you find your favorite characters on this classic ride? 


The Hong Kong skyline was even included in our adventure around the world which was the same view from our hotel!

Hong_Kong_Disneyland-Small World Ice Cream

Sad news, Small World Ice Cream was closed. I'm sure they have delicious treats! 

7. Fantasyland

This Fantasyland seemed like a combination of Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World. Classics included Winnie the Pooh, Carousel, Tea Cups and Dumbo. There was even the Festival of Foods restaurants which is a take on Hunchback of Notre Dame's Festival of Fools. 

HongKongDisneyland- Ferris Wheel

Fantasia Garden

I loved the Sorcerror Mickey fountain and the cute Fantasia themed topiaries. 

8. Frontierland


Even Frontierland had a unique ride! The Lucky Nugget Mine Car was a great combination of Big Thunder at Disneyland, Mount Everest at Animal Kingdon and the Seven Dwarves Mine Train at WDW. It went forwards AND backwards! There were even cute bears throughout it!

All of the parks have a Lucky Nugget Saloon. The one in Hong Kong is just a restaurant, there isn't a show. 

9. Adventureland


There was some construction going on, so I hope they are adding more rides. All they had was Tarzan's Treehouse and The Jungle Cruise. The Jungle Cruise was pretty much the same as the other parks. It does get a little fiery at the end and a baby elephant wishes you farewell instead of Trader Sam looking to trade one of his heads for yours. 

10. Mickey Train

One of the MTR lines goes straight to the Disneyland Resort stop where you have to take the cutest train to get to the park! This train was spangled with Mickey as well as other statues of Disney characters. Even the handle rings where Mickey shaped!

We loved our trip to Hong Kong Disneyland! Only 2 more parks to go! 


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10 Things You Must See at Hong Kong Disneyland